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Hawaiian Art Sculpture

Hawaiian sunsets are known for being vibrant and drenched in color and depth, a tropical dance of hues and luminescence. When those colors play and perform over crystal-clear water, casting reflections of absolute grandeur, all there’s left to feel is awe. That’s part of what inspires pieces like these.

Hawaiian Art - Wave artist Shaun Thomas - Laguna Beach Gallery - ocean gallery
wave gallery - Wave Artist Shaun Thomas - Laguna Beach - ocean gallery

Sunset Peak

- Wood Wave Gallery -

To a bystander on the beach, the waves might all look the same – one rolling, foamy repetition after another. But to your trained eye, some waves sparkle with potential. Their peaks are something beholden to those who tune in, those who were willing to wait all day for the perfect wave. 

Exotic Wood & Stone Sculptures

- Contemporary Artist Shaun Thomas -
ocean gallery

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We Live & Breath Design

Thomas Studios is an new, up-and-coming Art Consultancy, specializing in coastal inspired contemporary art and sculptures. We assist high-profile architects, interior designers, private collectors, corporate, healthcare and hospitality brands by sourcing and displaying exceptional works of art.

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Additional Works

Wildlife Sculptures

Ocean & Wave Sculptures