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Vibrant Contemporary Paintings


Erik Skoldberg | Contemporary Paintings | Vibrant & Energetic Artwork

Inspired by Mother Nature, these works capture those movements and simply make them seamless. A unique layering process creates vibrant, uplifting and energetically charged works of Art, bringing so much energy into a space.

 A creative series combining a 3D item that “Pops” out of the contemporary painting. From exotic parts, alcohol pouring taps, sports items, and more. What’s your dream “Pop” piece?

Custom Surfboard Artwork by Erik Skoldberg | Contemporary Paintings | Vibrant & Energetic Artwork

Shaped by world renowned shaper Rusty, these Surfboards are the perfect canvas for such vibrant and colorful contemporary works. From shortboards to long boards, we can create any custom size. And yes, you can surf them too.

A growing series of contemporary paintings of Icons infused into the unique acrylic layering process. Who’s your top Icon?

Vibrant works creating a plethora of different moods and vibes.

We specialize in Art consulting. Let’s talk about your next commissioned piece.