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Healthcare Interior Design

Equal parts energized and calm, equal parts functional and comfortable

Our goal is to improve the experience of your patients, employees, and visitors.

Yes, we will improve the look at the aesthetic of your space but our focus goes beyond your vision for style. The healthcare industry relies on complex relationships, fast-paced work, and a demand for efficiency. When we consider the interior design scope for a healthcare facility, it isn’t just about the right paint colors or pictures on the wall, it’s about the architecture and composition of the space, the multi-faceted efficiencies of the furniture we choose, and the demands on the space being met, tenfold. We will come into the space, comprehend YOUR workflow, and customize solutions – instead of just choosing stock “healthcare” options from our interior design archives.

The Benefits of Partnering with an Interior Design Professional

There are places out there where you can buy default furnishings for a healthcare space. There are wholesalers and retail suppliers of medical-facility artwork and décor items. You could pick and choose from a catalog of potential options and try to fit those round pegs into the spaces you’re working with and for some offices, that approach magically comes together. However, a professional partner in design will make your stylistic vision a reality while also conforming the entire design holistically to your actual workday needs.

The customized approach is also possible in a DIY fashion – you could go and source every single furnishing, each paint color, and every architectural installation yourself but our expert team does two things better:

1) We source smarter. Because we’re plugged into the industry, the guesswork of where to find items, who to trust, and what materials are best is no longer a question mark. You’ll feel secure that everything we put in place is of quality.

2) We can see the big picture. While you might have to choose each fabric, wall color, or purchase in a vacuum and hope it all “goes together,” we have the skills necessary to make an integrated space come together. Bonus, it’s totally hands-off and free of worry for you.

Healthcare Interior Design Is Different

We specialize in many types of commercial interior design services but healthcare clients are some of our favorites because the goals are different. Your space isn’t just about the high energy, high conversion of most types of companies. You’re not worried about selling a product – you’re concerned more with helping and healing. Your space should be equal parts energized and calm, equal parts functional and comfortable.

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