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Contemporary Sculptures

- By Shaun Thomas -
Contemporary Artist - Sculpture


EQUAL PARTS COMPLIMENTARY AND OPPOSING, A collection of Mixed Medium contemporary sculptures, Shaun Thomas’ Sun & Moon Series, give any home or office an instant gallery feel.

This duality makes for an interesting and versatile piece of art. The careful and thoughtful design work makes for a stunning aesthetic. The quality of the material allows for the detailing and overall impact of the design to stand true. Ready to capture any mood with their deep duality designs, these sculptures appeal to a wide audience and a variety of scenes and situations.

Contemporary Artist - Contemporary Sculpture - Shaun Thomas - Thomas Studios - Laguna Beach Art Gallery
Contemporary Artist - Sculpture - Shaun Thomas
Contemporary Artist - Sculptures
Contemporary artist - Laguna Beach Art Gallery
Contemporary Artist - Sculpture
Contemporary Artist - Sculptures - Thomas Studios - Laguna Beach

Interested in Shaun Thomas' Contemporary Work?

Thomas Studios owner, Shaun Thomas has recently introduced his new line of contemporary artwork to the gallery, which is now on display and for sale. If you are interested in one of his works or a custom designed piece, Shaun is happy to discuss more details. His specialty is custom fitting the Sun & Moon set into your home, office or business setting to match and compliment the environment and style. Please reach out as we are eager to speak with you.

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