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Hokua means “Crest of the wave” in Hawaiian. The way the wave extends beyond the frame of this sculpture reminds us that the ocean is mighty and defies parameters and boundaries. Hawaiian sunsets are known for being vibrant and drenched in color and depth. Blame it on the emissions from old volcanoes, the equatorial proximity, or the heat but the Hawaiian sky is a tropical dance of hues and luminescence. When those colors play and perform over crystal-clear water, casting reflections of absolute grandeur. That’s part of what inspires Hawaiian artwork sculptures like this one – whether in Hawaii or any other coastal paradise – the colors of the sky made immeasurable by their kinship with the waves below.  

– 3/4″ sculpture wave
– 3/4″ back mount
– Satin Finish
– Numbered, Signed & dated
– Hanging Hardware Included (Cleat System)


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30×20, 45×30, 60×40