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Sunset Peak


To a bystander on the beach, the waves might all look the same – one rolling, foamy repetition after another. But to your trained eye, some waves sparkle with potential. Their peaks are something beholden to those who tune in, those who were willing to wait all day for the perfect wave.

Shaun Thomas

Finish Options: Satin Interior, Satin Exterior or Gloss

Lead Time: 4-5 weeks upon order



Each wood wall sculpture by Shaun Thomas is carved, sanded, dyed, stained, finished, dated, numbered and signed. Wire hardware is mounted on the piece for hanging. Wall screws are not provided. If mounting onto drywall, any general hardware store will carry drywall screws with anchors to hold over 100lbs. If you have any questions, concerns or interested in a custom commission, send a message to:

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70×30, 94×40


Satin (Interior), Satin (Exterior), Gloss (Indoor/Outdoor)