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Learn More About the Unique Design and Construction of the Custom MCM Furniture Collection by Thomas Studios through a 5-Star Review from Fresno based client Lance Minnite


Each piece of furniture in the Thomas Collection — the custom furniture showroom and art gallery in Downtown Laguna Beach — incorporates special, sustainable materials into its design and construction. The same clean lines ever-present in Thomas’ evocative mixed-media artwork translate to each item, from the Carson II Chair to the Relaxation Station Daybed. Contemporary and Mid-Century Modern-inspired pieces share organic materials like antique leather, Blonde Guanacaste wood, American black walnut, and more.

Pieces from the Collection


The Fresno Custom Collection, created for Thomas Studios’ client Lance Minnite, is no different in terms of mission or materials. Completed and installed in the client’s home in August of 2020, the Fresno Custom Collection included a Custom Triangular-Shaped Coffee Table with a special mechanism personally designed by Mr. Thomas, two Tyler Chairs and a side table. Custom stains were also formulated for the classic sectional and mcm daybed, including a purple tint for the walnut of the coffee table. The Coffee Table — a pair of artfully stacked triangles that, together, delight with a graphic but still organic effect — was fitted with brass ferrules at the tip of each leg.


The Coffee Table’s swivel mechanism — which connects the two surfaces — allows the top tier to swivel 360 degrees. This gives users more options for use, allowing for expansion of the overall usable surface area of the table and a more dynamic function. A user could easily swivel the top tier towards them to better access a cup of coffee or to use as a workspace. It could also be swiveled away from the user to create a wider pathway without moving the table itself.


The Side Table offers a fresh silhouette with subtly tapered legs and a sleek tabletop. The Tyler Chairs show off the natural materials and organic colors of Mid-Century Modern design. The speckled beige upholstery of the MCM chairs — in concert with brass ferrules and wooden frames that match the coffee and side tables — perfectly compliment the deeper upholstery of the daybed and sectional.

Client Reaction



Lance Minnite’s response to the custom collection created for him by Thomas Studios with pride in both the craftsmanship of each piece and the professionalism provided by Shaun Thomas and his team. According to Minnite’s review, the studio provided a perfect design partnership experience. Minnite boasts that not only was the collection a “total partnership in concept, fabric choices, very bold custom stain choices and [sic] custom furniture concepts, [the studio also] orchestrated everything, on time, on point, [and] recalled details [he] did not.”


The client was extremely pleased with every aspect of the project and his interactions with Thomas Studios. Minnite described his “complete confidence in Thomas Studios, from consulting and creating to execution with the final product delivered beautifully,” noting that “Thomas Studios [was] the right choice.” Lance Minnite also praised the extraordinary amount of care, time, and talent the artisans poured into each piece, impressed by the sustainability of the furniture as he noted that “it was important to [him] to have furniture to be quality to last 35 years, not disposable.”


Minnite went on to describe how “timeless and masterfully handcrafted” each piece in his collection is, gushing that he was “honored to have met and to have had [Thomas Studios’] work in [his] home for [him] to enjoy” for the rest of his life. Minnite concludes his review with the endorsement: “Quality, Quality, Quality all the way.”

Read Lance Minnite’s full 5-Star Review of Thomas Studios’ Fresno Custom Collection here.