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Wave Sculpture - Shaun Thomas

Coastal Wall Sculptures | Sunset Peak

- By Wood Artist Shaun Thomas -

The peak is the height, the climax, the ultimate destination

This coastal wall sculpture is aimed at reaching the highest of heights. Reaching a peak demands sacrifice and risk, dedication and strategy, acceptance, surety, and support. You’ll need to risk everything to get where you’re going but when you do, the view will be spectacular and unique – yours to behold for a split moment. Capture that moment permanently with Sunset Peak. 

wave art sculptures, coastal sculptures, 3d wave sculpture
wave art sculptures, coastal sculptures, 3d wave sculpture

Shaun Thomas’ most popular Modern Beach Art Piece

Every wave starts out as nothing – a blip within the greater chasm of the water. To a bystander on the beach, the waves might all look the same – one rolling, foamy repetition after another. But to your trained eye, some waves sparkle with potential. The ones that breach the surface with a special kind of roar – the ones that rumble and erupt – their peaks are something beholden to those who tune in, those who were willing to wait all day for the perfect wave.

Coastal Wall Sculpture, modern beach art


“Sunset Peak” stands alone as a can’t miss feature in any room. It’s the prefect modern beach art piece for your large living room wall or an indulgent addition to a yoga room, bedroom or workspace. Its natural birch plywood grains pop through the transparent stains of blues, whites and oranges, to naturally complement a stunning image.

What Materials Are USED?

– 3/4″ White Birch Plywood (back mount)
– 3/4″ White Birch Plywood (cuts)


The Finer Details

– Transparent color dye used
– Vibrant wood grain shows throughout the whole piece
– Dark walnut stained pieces
– Signed & dated
– Semi gloss finish applied
– French Cleat hanging hardware provided

coastal wall sculptures, modern beach art
Wood Print Option

``Sunset Peak``

Wave Sculpture - Shaun Thomas - Wood wall art

Printed on 3/4″ White Birch Plywood.

25″x10″ | $175
35″x15″ | $345
50″x22″ | $645
70″x30″ | $995



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